Letter to the Editor: The reason for the ugly justice center entry is what?

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Dear Editor:
I recently had personal contact with a county employee over the issue of the ugliest security entrance to their justice center (you note I said “their” and for sure it’s not mine) and was told there just wasn’t any rock available.

I reminded him that the county and the hospital board had both buried tons of rock from the buildings they destroyed. However, I do think it bears some research, as this encounter finally resulted in the explanation that the labor costs to set the rock was just too high.
I would like someone in the county to publish exactly what this entire building has cost and from where the funds were derived. Also, including the courthouse remodel will they stay within the original budget as outlined in their public meetings.
I still can’t imagine that holding to the commitment, which appeared in the Herald Times, that the new “absolutely necessary” security entrance would be constructed from the same material as covers the entire façade, facing Main Street, of the old elementary school, and that using “expensive labor” would have broke the county, knowing how much they have and intend to continue to spend on projects that really only a few folks found necessary.
I received an email letter of explanation that the rock from the newer section of the school and from the hospital just didn’t match so they chose the brick in order to “match” other buildings on Main Street, such as Mountain Valley Bank.
To this explanation, I responded, thank you for your answer. Perhaps you should put this information in the Herald. I was told that he was writing a letter that should appear in next week’s paper.
Connie Theos