Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on column, Dr. Bob

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Dear Editor:
Thank you for your thoughts and bare-knuckled honesty in your “From My Window” column.
As a former teacher at Meeker High School (on leave of absence this year 2014-2015), I was never asked if I liked working with Dr. Dorsett. In fact, I cannot believe that professionals would actually ask others if they liked working with another colleague or not and then advertise that information to the public.
However, I have seen many unprofessional acts in my years of teaching, working and simply living.
Once in a while, Doc Bob and I might disagree or toes were stepped on, but communication is the key. If I felt he was out of line, I talked with him respectfully and he listened respectfully. Seldom did I ever walk away thinking, well, we will just have to agree to disagree on this or that.
However, people who do not do their research or cling to falsehoods, beware. He nor I take kindly to nonsense, statements without evidence backing it — basically bull snot as I would prefer to say.
However, even from Lincoln, Neb., I have heard that Doc Bob is back teaching those students through the CNCC dual enrollment classes.
Not sure of the circumstances; just glad students will not lose out. That truly is the bottom line, isn’t it?
Bev DeVore-Wedding
Meeker, Colo.
Lincoln, Neb.