Letter to the Editor: Time for change in sheriff’s office?

Dear Editor:
Is it time for a change in the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Department?
Perhaps this is the question the citizens of this county should be asking themselves.
My reason for bringing this up is that it wasn’t that long ago that a major drug cartel was broken up on the Western Slope with the leader living right here in Meeker.
Many law enforcement agencies were involved in this bust, including the Meeker Police Department. Noticeably absent was the Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Department. Why was that?
Brian Conrado

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rio Blanco County Sheriff Si Woodruff said Tuesday afternoon that the federal agencies working on the case “never said a word to us.” “If Meeker police would have asked, we’d have helped out. The feds should have let us know just out of respect, but it doesn’t always happen that way.”