Letter to the Editor: Tough letter from Town of Meeker

Dear Editor:
On July 3, I found a notice from Meeker’s Code Enforcement Office in my mailbox. We were given 15 days to remove all weeds and grass over 6 inches tall. If we failed to comply, we could be fined $1,000 and/or be sentenced to 90 days in jail for each day of non-compliance.

Also, the Town of Meeker could mow our property using “any means at the Town’s disposal” and we would be charged for the removal. If we failed to pay the charges they could place a lien on our property.
We love Meeker and its people. We have lived here 12 years and we have always kept our yard mowed and pretty much weed free. In the past two or years, however, we have not been able physically to keep up with it as we would like, due to declining health and age.
If the officer had bothered to come through our gate to our door he would see that there must have been extenuating circumstances to cause the yard to be less than attractive than it once was.
Everyone gets old and in ill health. Instead, he went skulking about down the alley, instead of inquiring face to face. Someday he will be old.
If they threaten me again, they might just have to take me to jail.
Louise Courtright

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  1. Too bad there isn’t a place to post a list of elderly folks that need help! I am sure all the kind folks would love to give a helping hand.

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