Letter to the Editor: Two votes for Hughes

Dear Editor,
Our county is at a critical crossroads. Do we want to expand our government and regulations on business including our crucial oil and gas industry, or do we want to open our doors to business and truly encourage our economy to recover? I believe that a vast majority of us would agree with the latter.
Lucky for us there is a man running for county commissioner who would also agree with that sentiment. Pat Hughes is a true conservative Republican whose ideas and goals for Rio Blanco County will help lead us down a path of continued private sector growth and public sector fiscal awareness. He is incredibly down to earth and knows what the people on both ends of the county want and need. We have seen what professional politicians and those deeply entrenched in the public sector do for us, it is time to bring in those who have not worked for the government and instead know how the real world functions. Pat has run his own business for many years and understands what it is like to have to answer to both customers and employees. He knows how to behave professionally and will represent our county well statewide.
We are fortunate to have such a great selection of candidates this year, so choose wisely and choose Hughes.
Logan and Jennifer Hill