Letter to the Editor: Wants school preserved

Dear Editor:
My family, the Nichols family, came to Meeker in 1884. My great-grandfather was Ben Nichols and he brought his family with him. My grandfather was Fred Nichols and was 6-weeks-old when they arrived.
Ben Nichols bought a two-room log cabin after they arrived. It has been added onto several times and remodeled several times. I still live in this house and it has been in our family for more than 100 years. I guess you could say my family has been here a long time!
I went to the elementary school, as did my sister, both of my sons and my grandchildren. That school is a beautiful building in a beautiful setting and also an historical building!
The outside is made with native stone and should stay as it is.
The inside has to be cleaned up with the problems it has, and it can be used for many different things.
It would be a great place for an assisted living center, which we certainly need, and many of the people living there could go to both of our banks, Meeker Drug, Meeker Cafe, the shopping area and the post office.
They could also be there for concerts on the courthouse lawn, the Fourth of July Parade and other activities.
Many visitors and tourists have commented that downtown Meeker is charming and beautiful. We do have other historical buildings in downtown Meeker. Most towns don’t have the downtown area we have.
The jail, which we now have, could be extended to the northeast corner of the courthouse as they have talked of this before.
Many of the Meeker residents I have visited with do not want the school building taken down.
It certainly has a lot of good memories for all of us, and the school building should stay!
Nancy Nichols Sullivan