Letter to the Editor: We must pay attention this election

Dear Editor:
Registered voters, we have to pay attention to hat has happened to this country the last 20 years, especially the last seven years under Obama’s presidency.

If this upcoming election we do not get the election right, America will probably be run as a dictatorship very soon.
Think about this: If Hillary Clinton is elected as president she will appoint President Obama to the Supreme Court along with two or three more appointees.
This will set up the Supreme Court to do what Hillary orders. The Supreme Court will make the laws of this country and enforce them also. There will not be a Constitution, there will be no freedom. There will be no elections, no voting
Unemployment will worsen, pay will go down, more jobs will be lost under a dictatorship.
If you think this can’t happen in America, take a long look at all the damage President Obama has done to this country in just seven years.
Jeramee Brumback