Letter to the Editor: What’s happening at the Meeker firehouse

Dear Editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone in the Meeker community know what’s going on down at the firehouse.
First of all, our 2013 Fire Prevention Campaign was a success. We gave out more than 100 smoke detectors and about 70 carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. We recently had a call to a home with a CO detector in alarm. Upon arrival, we did find high levels of CO in the residence. The detector was one we had given out. The detector did its job and probably saved several lives. We still have some left, so if you are in need or can’t afford them, please stop by and we will give them to you.
We had a Insurance Services Office (ISO) inspection this summer. We had not had one for more than 10 years. This is the organization that sets our community rating for insurance rates based on the rating received. Fifty percent is based on the fire department; 40 percent is based on the water supply system and 10 percent is based on the communication system in place to handle the emergencies.
Our PPC or Public Protection Classification did increase slightly to a 5/8B. About the only way to raise our classification, in the city, would be to have full-time firemen housed at the fire station, build more fire stations and purchase an aerial device. Our water supply and communications got high ratings. Folks more than 10 miles from the fire station usually fall into the 10 classification. If anyone wants to see the detailed report please stop by.
Our newly purchased and remodeled building is working out great. We didn’t realize how out of space we were, and it is right next door.
We would like to ask for your help. All the snow is great, but the Town of Meeker needs our help to clear away the snow build-up around hydrants. Our city shop guys do a great job plowing, but there is no way they can dig out every hydrant. Please, if you have one on your corner, keep it dug out. Also if you know your neighbor is unable to clear the snow from around the hydrant on their corner try and help them out.
We will be offering an EMT Basic class soon. If you think you have the time and are interested stop by and visit with Matt or myself. And like always we could always use more firemen. It’s a great way to give back to the community that we live in. And, like always, you are always welcome to stop by and visit your firehouse.
Steve Allen
Fire Chief
Meeker Fire & Rescue
Meeker Volunter Fire Department