Letter to the Editor: Whites endorse Tracy for Senate

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Dear Editor:
We’re both former Colorado Republican Senators, and we’re voting for Emily Tracy for Colorado Senate. Emily is a Democrat, but it’s not about partisanship: it’s about protecting our lands, our rural values and having someone who actually listens to us in the Senate.

Emily Tracy is a candidate for Colorado State Senate District 8 and takes her decision to run seriously. After years of non-partisan public service, her dedication to finding solutions is clear regardless of what side of the aisle someone sits on. While we all have our own lives and ideologies, keeping western Colorado priorities at the top of the list should always be the job of our elected public servants, and, quite frankly, we’re not seeing that from our current state senator.
Emily will be an independent voice for the Western Slope. Lots of people agree that we need to make things easier for small businesses to thrive, produce and sustain good-paying jobs, and protect our environment. These are things all of us want as a community. Emily Tracy agrees, and that’s why we are voting for her for State Senate District 8 this November. I hope you’ll join us.
Senators Al and Jean White