Letter to the Editor: Why is out-of-Meeker water more expensive?

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Dear Editor:
In the Feb. 5, 2015, Herald Times you announced an increase in the water rates by the Town of Meeker.

If an increase is necessary, why do you single out the “out-of-town” users to bear the brunt of the increase? We “out-of-town” users already pay more for our water due to transportation costs.
This additional cost is what we pay due to the fact we prefer to live “out-of-town.” In choosing to live “out-of-town,” consideration was given to availability and cost of potable water. I’m not complaining about that.
What I do draw exception to is the fact you decided that we “out-of-town” users should pay a higher rate for our water than those who live in town. What the hey?
Why are we being penalized for our decision to live “out-of-town”? It’s the same water. No additional cost is associated with the water we “out-of-towners” use as opposed to those in town. Are you people running a one-upmanship contest with the current Washington administration?
If an increase is really needed, which I don’t doubt, then all should pay the same price!
Ernest T. Bilson