Letter to the Editor: Why tear down old elementary school?

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Dear Editor:
­I was born in Meeker, but moved away after high school and marriage. I moved back to Meeker several years ago and now live at the Fairfield Apartments.
In the past year or so I have attended several meetings concerning the Old Elementary School with my friend, Sally Wilson. I had mainly just listened and observed.
It has become clear to me that the county commissioners, although they appear to listen to the public, seem to have made up their minds what they are going to do with the school, which they/we own.
Tear it down or leave a little part of it and stick a jail and sheriff’s office on to it, but we’ll tear most of it down and haul it off!
As a former building contractor, this makes no sense to me.
Why would you spend a sizable sum of money to tear down this building? This building that contains asbestos, which will be stirred up in downtown Meeker and hauled away, when that money could be used to refurbish this building and put it to use.
Why not place prisoner housing units alongside of the building or behind the courthouse or use the school building for the sheriff’s offices?
I have also heard in several meetings that the Meeker Post Office was looking for more space. Has this been checked out?
I have also heard that the Rio Blanco County Historical Society is looking for space. This school building would be right across the street from the museum.
Another thought that I had was to give or sell the school to the Utes for an Indian Cultural Center and/or casino, but maybe that would bring in too many people and money.
Charlie Brown