Letter to the Editor: Why were pine trees around courthouse removed?

LTE_FBpostDear Editor:
A number of Meeker residents have asked why five of the nine (more than 80-year-old) tall pine trees on the east side of the Rio Blanco County Courthouse have been cut down, leaving only four of the original remaining historic trees?

There does not appear to be any essential reason for the destruction of these beautiful, healthy and historic trees that have graced that location in the downtown historic area since the early 20th century.
Tall, healthy historic pine trees are valuable and irreplaceable natural assets that lend great beauty to any historic building or park area.
This is yet another tragic loss for the historic downtown area.
Perhaps the Rio Blanco County Commissioners and their representatives would care to offer a rationale and justification for why it was necessary to destroy such valuable and irreplaceable natural assets that belong to the citizens of Rio Blanco County.
Robert Amick
For members of the Meeker
Community Center Task Force