Letter to the Editor: Wonderful people

Dear Editor:
I have been wanting to write and say thanks to some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. We came to Meeker with the pipeline (Snelson) and always the first thing I do is get a paper to see what is going on in the town and the first thing I noticed was about the recreation center and the senior adult center. I went to the adult center, not knowing anyone or who I was going to see, and I met some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. They greeted me as if I was already one of them, especially Louise and Corky Courtright and Doris Layton. I tried not to miss a day being with all the Chuckwagon group and just wanted to say what wonderful meals I had there. Shaunda always did a great job and was always there with a warm greeting smile. I was always asked to go on trips with them, from shopping at Walmart to eating out. I also went on several trips with the recreation center and what a wonderful time we had and also met other people who did not go to the adult center. Thanks to Faith Baptist Church (Jeff and Paula Gatten) for being there when I needed them. My son had a†bad wreck and Louise, Bro. Jeff and Paula were there for me with their prayers and kind words. Meeker you have some wonderful caring people and I will always have wonderful memories of you and hope one day to see you again.
Faye Gwin
Epps, La.