Letter to the Editor: WPX grateful for opportunity to take part in land use process

Dear Editor:
Recently, WPX Energy was recognized by the Rio Blanco County commissioners as a valuable partner in the revision of the county’s land use regulations.

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in an important public process, which outlines the county’s authority over land use, provides greater certainty for industry and creates a supportive business atmosphere.
However, a recent letter to the editor mischaracterized this partnership, presuming half the partnership is “no longer around” following WPX’s announcement to sell the Piceance Basin to Terra Energy Partners, LLC.
Currently, we operate more than 4,700 natural gas wells in the Piceance Basin, many in Rio Blanco County, with an average of 20 to 30 years natural gas production expected from each well.
This production provides millions of dollars in property and severance tax revenues to Rio Blanco County. The value of this production and the Piceance Basin as a whole will continue under the new owner, as will the partnership between industry and Rio Blanco County.
Jeff Kirtland
WPX Energy