Letter to the Editor

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Thanks for obituary reprint

Dear Editor:

This is a belated letter of thanks to the Rio Blanco Herald Times for your generosity in printing the beautiful obituary for my mother, Ida Elizabeth Pahlke. However, it is more largely a note of appreciation for your responsible acceptance of ownership for mistakes in the article; after which you not only printed corrections, but the entire obituary. In this time of so much blaming and making excuses, it was so refreshing, and honoring to me and my mother’s loved ones, that you did the right thing.  

I have heard it said that “perhaps we would learn gratitude if we knew we would lose those things for which we were not thankful.” I am very thankful for the local newspaper, and the benefit of, sometimes annoyingly I admit, being known and reachable in the local community.  

My mother was not just some old lady who passed, but a cherished and much missed treasure to those who were blessed to know her. The Herald Times shared a glimpse of her story to its readers, and I believe that is well worth it. Thank you again.  

With gratitude,
Catherine E. Eliasen