Letter: To the first year 4-Hers

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Dear Editor:

Dear first year 4-Her, congratulations on completing your first county fair! I am sure you ended up with some ribbons and trust me there’s more where that comes from. But there’s something I want you to know. There will be a time that those ribbons and buckles aren’t going to become so important anymore, because the goat on your chain; the lamb in your arms, the steer on the end of your halter; or the pig at the end of your whip that helped you earned that ribbon are going to become what is important. One day hearing the “congratulations” and “good job” are going to be meaningless because having a little kid tell you that they look up to you, is going to be your new congratulations. The families and people surrounding you are going to be worth more to you every year. One day the money at the sale isn’t going to matter as much, because the animal is worth more to you than anything…especially if you raised it. And leaving that sale ring one last time is going to be harder than it ever has before. One day you’re going to walk out the barn holding your last empty halter, and be proud of the person you have become. I pray that you learn to win humbly, and lose graciously, always work hard and above all love your livestock MORE than your success.

Macy Collins