Letter: Trash spoiled beauty of Mother Nature

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Recently, a group of people ventured out on a cold May day to enjoy and explore the easternmost property of Dinosaur National Monument. New ground to most of us, we marveled at the beauty of the large gallery of cottonwoods along the Yampa River where we took our lunch. We hiked to find numerous wildflowers and even stirred up several elk. However, amongst all this grandeur, we encountered a less fulfilling experience at the picnic area.
As our group was gathering, we found another group just leaving the picnic site closest to the parking area and bathroom. One of our members chatted with this group and learned they were a Boy Scout group from Craig. Eventually, we set up at the same site for our picnic. What we found left behind for us to clean up was unacceptable. Shame on you Boy Scouts for leaving aluminum and steel cans and leftover batter smoldering in the fire ring. We carried it out in order to utilize the fire ring for our picnic. We put it in a garbage can. Fire rings are not garbage cans and you should be reminded the persons after you are not your mother. Clean up your debris prior to leaving next time, please!
Diane Ackerman
Vernal, Utah