Letter: Vaughn for Clerk and Recorder

Dear Editor:
I would like to endorse Ms. Emma Vaughn for the elected position of Rio Blanco County Clerk and Recorder. I have known Emma and her family for more than 25 years. Emma was born and raised in the heart of Rio Blanco County. She was blessed to be instilled with work ethic and responsibility on her family cattle ranch in the Piceance Creek area. I had the pleasure of being on the Rio Blanco County 4-H Livestock Judging Team with Emma towards the end of my livestock judging career and the beginning of hers. The art of livestock judging teaches many important life skills such as strong decision making, communicating clearly (made even stronger with her communications degree), people skills, and confidence, all of which Emma exhibits today. For 16 years I have been a volunteer 4-H leader in this county and others and I sincerely appreciate people who donate their time to this great nonprofit youth organization and others like it. Emma graciously volunteered at the county fair this year, she was helpful, fun and pleasant to work with. Emma stays active in her community and advocates for issues important to her. In the past she has served as an efficient, innovative, and helpful Colorado Cattle Women’s Association State Secretary.
Being previously deputized as a Rio Blanco County Clerk and Recorder myself, I know how important it can be to keep an open mind, be flexible, and have a positive attitude. With the ever changing advancing technologies of today you never know when something will change in the clerk’s office. Interactions with Emma have always been positive and she is very kind even under pressure. Emma seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes and develops reasonable positions. Emma has been a clerk and recorder deputy for three years. She’s approachable and engaged, and genuinely committed to serving our great county. Emma has been making visits to Rangely during her campaign including attending several of our community events like Septemberfest. Thank you for including Rangely, Emma!
Please join me in voting for Emma Vaughn for the Rio Blanco County Clerk and Recorder position in the November election.
Roxie Long-Fromang