Letter: Vaughn thanks supporters for successful candidate meet & greet

Dear Editor:
I owe a couple big thank you notes to some amazing people who helped me pull off the first ever bipartisan meet and greet for Rio Blanco County candidates. First of all my appreciation goes to Mr. John Strate for his role as teacher and mentor in providing some outstanding students to develop questions and interview candidates. When I met with Mr. Strate in August I came to him with the idea of getting student election judges back involved in our elections and how that could work with his history students. We talked about how we could give these kids hands on experience in the election process and how needed it was for those with interests in political science or government to get some real life experience under their belt and on their resumes. From that idea I approached him about having the students come up with the questions for the Co-Mingling with the Candidates event and if he could find me a couple students that would be willing to be involved that night. Not only did he deliver with that inquiry but he and his students ran with that inspiration and next thing I know they are planning a meeting to host a full on candidate forum with the cohesive partnering of Meeker High School students and The Rio Blanco Herald Times. To me this is what living in a small town is all about. It’s about knowing your neighbors, your teachers, your acquaintances and their kids and investing your time back into them, into their future and the future of this community.
Secondly I couldn’t have pulled this off without the tireless work of Bailey Waldref and the Meeker Co-Working Center. Bailey has been there every step of the way to organize the equipment I would need, bounce ideas off of and pull this thing together from every aspect. Her professionalism and knowledge has proven invaluable and I’ve enjoyed working with her over the last couple weeks.
And of course a big thank you to the constituents who came out Tuesday night to get to know your candidates and get involved on the local level. There is no more important election than the one closest to home. Thank you for being active in the selection of the individuals that will affect your everyday and shape the future of Rio Blanco County.
Emma Vaughn
Rio Blanco County Clerk and Recorder Candidate