Letter: Visionary says hello

Dear Editor:
Hi to everyone Rio Blanco County. My name is Brian Worthen, CEO of Visionary Broadband. All of us at Visionary are excited to be joining your communities as an Internet provider. Its our goal to offer you fast and reliable Internet service so you can get online and stay online! We want you to be connected to friends and family, manage your businesses and to buy your snow shovels (yes, it is that time of year again!)
Visionary started in 1994 in a basement in Gillette, Wyo. We are a tech company in a coal mining town. We offer service only in rural areas because that is where we grew up. Anyone can offer Internet in downtown Denver. Visionary loves the challenge of offering Internet in places such as Hillsdale, Bill and Banner in Wyoming, or in Gypsum, Colo. We would love the chance to offer you Internet in Rangely and Meeker.
Twice a day, I have a report that goes out to my staff of customers we gained and customers we lost. We focus on gaining customers to measure success, but we also talk about customers we lost, and how to become better at what we do.
I could share a lot of things about what we’ve done over the years, or talk about good things we have done in other towns. I’d rather show you. After all, you want your Internet to work, and when it isn’t, you want someone to answer the phone. We’ll start there.
Keli will be taking your calls for signups. She has been with me for five years.
James and his tech support team will be taking your calls for wi-fi troubleshooting or to set up new devices. James has been with me for seven years.
After our presentation to become an Internet provider in the Board of County Commissioners meeting, I could see there was concern about a big company coming into town. Yes, we’re bigger. We’ll fumble the ball once in a while. But we’ll tell you when we make a mistake.
Give my employees a chance to prove what we can do in Rio Blanco County.
Brian Worthen
Visionary Broadband