Letter: Voting information should be made public

Rules and laws are drafted in order to protect the public and are expected to be obeyed.
This is what Colorado Sunshine Law 24-6-401 Declaration of Policy states: “It is declared to be a matter of Statewide concern and the policy of this state that the formation of public policy is public business and may not be conducted in secret.”
Colorado Revised Statute 24-6-401 (2)(d)(II) goes into a little more detail: “Minutes of any local public body at which the adoption of any public policy, position, resolution, rule, regulation or formal action occurs or could occur shall be taken and promptly recorded and shall be open to public inspection.”
Does this state law indicate that voting information must be disclosed to the public? If board trustees vote at a public meeting, would not that information be required, by state law, to be recorded in board minutes? If voting information is not recorded in board minutes, would that constitute a violation of state law?
If a violation occurred what should the consequences be?
Would this be considered a serious issue by the taxpayers of Rangely and Rio Blanco County?
Gwen Elam
American Fork, Utah
(former Rangely resident)