Letter: Was police call story sensationalistic?

I am uncertain how last week’s article regarding the police call to the Martins had any relevancy to the tragic events that took place for that family. Nowhere was there any indication that one event affected the other. The story is presented in a way to allow each individual reader to speculate on their own, which seems to me like sensationalistic reporting. A great deal of credit is due to factual reporting on the Martins, and their difficult road to recovery, and should absolutely be afforded you, but this latest piece, though also factual, was added in, what “I believe” to be, poor judgment. Since the domestic issue can have no bearing on black-ice and what horrible fate was brought on this family, and since no other domestic incidents receive that kind of attention (especially on the front page), I believe it’s fair to say that article was unwarranted. I respect the fact that the article wasn’t intended on doing anything malevolent, but in a community as small as ours, I believe, we can certainly offer some discretion on what is appropriate during a difficult time like this.
Chad Shepherd

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  1. I completely agree with this letter. I have never seen such publicity to any other domestic calls. I feel as though the report on the Martin family was completely unnecessary and an issue. The police call did not cause the accident. The family has already had enough trials in the past month, was it necessary to bring up another negative aspect of the day? I do not believe so.

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