Letter: Webber thanks 4th of July volunteers

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Dear Editor:

One cannot always express their appreciation enough, to those who are always willing to serve their community like people in Rangely, Colo. We do some pretty amazing things in this town and after 13 years I still am filled with pride to know that if I or my family were ever traveling through this community in Northwest Colorado and needed help with anything that this community is filled with people willing to help out.  This brings me to the following list of people who stepped up and selflessly gave of themselves over the Fourth of July weekend: Jeff Rector, Rebecca Rector, Brian Rector, Andy Shaffer, Ryan Huitt, Mike Cushman, Alicia Cushman, Brad Casto, Andy Key, Richard Brannan, Chris Hejl, Talitha Hejl, Matt Billgren, Konnie Billgren, Annette Webber, Mitchell Webber, Marshall Webber, Linda Gordon, Richard Brannan, Bethany Green, Natalie Kurrasch,  Camilla Kennedy, Kirstin Fielder, and the parks and recreation part time staff.

Although we chose to be safe because of the Stage 1 fire restrictions and did not set off the Fourth of July fireworks we hopefully will be setting them off sometime over the Labor Day weekend—Septemberfest! More details of this will be coming out soon.

Once again I would like to express my appreciation to all who helped out with this event and to make it a successful weekend where fun was had by all commemorating our country and our community.

Tim Webber