Letter: What does it mean to be a Republican?

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Dear Editor:

My entire adult life I claimed allegiance to and have voted for the Republican Party. I did not fully understand until recently the depth of the Republican Party’s commitment to an effective government, which is one closest to and for the people.

On Aug. 19 I attended the Rio Blanco County Republican meeting. Along with meeting and visiting with fellow Republicans from Meeker and Rangely, I observed how the meeting was conducted and how agenda items were addressed, which provided good information to attending Republicans.

What personally impacted me the most was a Republican Pledge from the Larimer County Republican Party titled “I AM A REPUBLICAN BECAUSE.”  The principles of this Pledge reflect a Republican’s basic beliefs and ideals. Therefore, I would like to share this Pledge as I believe it not only reflects the Republican approach to fair and sound governing but also is the basis of my 2020 campaign for Rio Blanco County Commissioner District 3.



I believe it is important to respect each person’s ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility.

I believe individual initiative must be encouraged in getting things done.

I believe government exists to protect the freedom of each person, not restrict it.

I believe people who cannot provide for themselves deserve help and also deserve to be helped to become self-supporting citizens who can take pride in their self-reliance and independence.

I believe equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity are everybody’s rights.

I believe respect for laws, the courts and the Constitution are vital to preservation of the nation and security for the citizen.

I believe excessive taxation, inflation and government waste can destroy our country; government must maintain sound money and a responsible economy.

I believe while we remain militarily strong, we must continue our efforts towards world peace and friendship.

These principles reflect a Republican’s basic beliefs. Republicans have held firm to these principles for nearly a century and a quarter. The nation needs more Republicans today so our nation can be stronger tomorrow. That’s the best reason to be a Republican.

Mona Avey

2020 Candidate for RBC Commissioner


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