Letter: Who can tell our water story?

Dear Editor:

I am seeking assistance to select one individual who would share some water history of significance of the White River. Some initial thoughts coming to mind is the first irrigation ditch within our basin above Meeker and the historical ranches on the lower White River that helped mold our community’s ag significance maximizing the use of water in an arid terrain. Are you aware of an individual who could tell this story or perhaps another water story of significance to our community’s watershed? Other historical stories and suggestions about the White River are encouraged so feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions. A phone call is welcomed as well. 970-629-2525.

We do need to keep this moving forward since there is a scheduled discussion Jan. 8 so please get your responses to me as soon as possible.    

Thank you for your assistance and consideration.

Alden Vanden Brink

District Manager, RBWCD