Letter: Woodley family appreciates support

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I’ve lived in small towns all my life and been told, and known, how great they are. Once again it has been proven to me what amazing things happen in small towns or counties.
From the time my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, the amount of care and concern for our family has been awesome. From Drs. Deb and Wallace Salter, the staff at Columbine Medical, Rangely District Hospital, Bible Baptist Church, White River Market, to friends, neighbors and customers — you’ve been the best that I could have dreamed of.
When Bob came home, the help from Ronda, Lagena, Rebecca, Bill, Kelvin, and our caring community who brought food and well wishes — what a great bunch you are.
As we lost Bob to his cancer, the care and concern that Rand and his staff from Cochran Memorial Chapel gave us was above and beyond what I expected.
Last but not least, thank you to Pastor Jasper Whiston of the Bible Baptist Church for the service and to Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Leslie and all the other folks for the great meal served afterward.
We will always be grateful for all the things done for our family, and if I have left anyone out, please accept my apologies and be assured that what you did helped get us through a very difficult time.
Thank you all so much.
The family of Robert
(Bob) Woodley