Letter: WREA listened to concerns of members

Awhile back, we wrote a concerned letter to the editor about the possibility of an electrical substation being located directly across from the entrance to Sage Hills. After meeting with WREA management and discussing the matter, we were still a little uneasy about whether or not our concerns were being heard. We write now to voice our sincere thanks that they were, indeed, heard and that the substation will be located farther down Sulfur Creek Road. You assured us that WREA is owned by its users and that those users have a voice. Well, it is refreshing to know that such is, in fact, the case. In a day when our own government does not listen to the very people who are actually supposed to be that government, it is at least encouraging that there are entities that exist that actually do mean what they say. Thanks again to all of you who faithfully labor for us at WREA.
Dr. J. D. “Doc”
and Debbie Watson

Editor’s note: Here is a letter from WREA to residents of Sage Hills and surrounding property owners, dated Aug. 9:

As you are aware, White River Electric Association has expressed a need to build a substation in the area of the Sulphur Creek basin to accommodate an additional source of reliable electricity to the town of Meeker. In 2002, WREA purchased three acres for the potential new substation near the entrance of the Sage Hills subdivision. This site has proven to be the most reasonable access to existing WREA electric infrastructure.
In the past several months, WREA has diligently been looking at other site location options and we have determined a site. The … new, preferred location is approximately .7 miles up the Sulphur Creek road. This site aligns with future transmission needs in the region, as well as providing less visibility to the public, as was expressed by many of you in letters and e-mails.
I want you to realize that your concerns were heard as the member/owners of WREA, and in this case we were able to accommodate the relocation electrically while fulfilling our obligations to the membership. The success of this relocation is a direct result of a dedicated WREA staff and extensive cooperation from L Bar Slash Ranch and Rio Blanco County Planning Department.
Richard Welle, general manager
White River Electric Association