Letters: April 2 Edition

Dear Editor,
I received a phone call to remind me that my statement in the paper was not that of the Democratic party. I apologize to any of those I may offended, my intention was not to misrepresent the party. I still stand by what I said, just remove my political affiliation from it. I hope that regardless of which political party people belong to that there is a whole-hearted effort to stand against one of many things that cripple this county (in my view).
I was also told that the oil companies will be back in time. I am sure they will, if you want to wait another 20-plus years. Or, we can stand together and work towards something positive that will be good for all sides. Not only oil, but some kind of light industry. I for one am more than willing to put forth all effort and focus I can for the future of this area. There is no success without communication and some compromise from all sides.
I did not mean to misrepresent the Democratic stand, I only hoped to show that not all Democrats are with Article 1292. I still believe that regardless what side you’re on, its time to get active.
Michelle E. Hale

Dear Editor,
The family of Elizabeth (Rippy) Harding would like to thank all of you for your thoughtfulness. We appreciate all your heartfelt prayers, calls, flowers, food, cards and visits. Thank you, too, for donations to Sydnie’s Educational Fund. A special thanks goes out to Emmanuel Baptist Church and to everyone who helped with the meal after the service. You are all great.
Steve and Diane Gulliksen, Wanda Harris and Sydnie Harding, Joe, Misty
and Hayley Rippy

Dear Editor,
I have used this method before to find old Navy buddies. I’m looking for Robert Burnside. He was from Meeker. He would be in his early 70s. He joined the Navy around January 1956. He served in Hawaii and Guam. If anyone knew him or knows where he can be found I would like to know or give him my information and have him contact me.
Everett Speas
4104 Brookcrest Circle
Waco, TX 76710
(254) 776-1757

Dear Editor,
This is an open letter to all the Daily Sentinel customers in the town of Rangely. The Sentinel has decided to pull out of this area. April 19 will be the last day of delivery to our town. There will be no more home delivery, and the paper will not be available in stores either. My husband and I were the carriers for the Sentinel, and we are sorry to see them go, but we are also the carriers for The Denver Post and for the USA Today. Since these will be the only papers from outside our area that will be available for home delivery, we wanted to give you the opportunity to subscribe to them if you wish. We want to try to get those of you who want these papers set up to start on Monday, April 20. This way you won’t miss a day of news. You can call me (Jolene) at 629-5281 until 7 p.m. daily and I can get you set up or you can call the The Denver Post at (800) 336-7678 or the USA Today at (800) 872-0001. We will also be delivering subscription envelopes at some point, so be sure to look for those. Please call with any questions and or subscriptions. My husband and I want to try to make this transition as easy as possible for you our customers.
Thank You,
Shayne and Jolene Armstrong