Letters: Christmas Shop was nice for residents

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In your life there are moments when you are reminded of the important things. Things like God, family, friends and your community. In the past week, I have been particularly reminded of God and my community.
I had the pleasure of being involved in the first and hopefully annual Christmas Shop at the Walbridge Wing. Gifts were donated and the residents were able to shop for friends, family and sometimes themselves free of charge. The whole event went wonderfully. We all had a great time, but most importantly I want to express my thanks to all who helped to make this a reality. The outpouring of love, gifts and help was unmatched.
What a moment it was as everything came pouring in. It took my breath away to be reminded of what a wonderful and giving community I live in. Many people and businesses gave without even thinking about it. We had such a turnout we were able to extend the program to include other residents of Meeker as well. So, I would like to give a big thank you to all those who were involved. Emmanuel Baptist Church and Pastor Roger and Anisa Barnes (where the idea came from) for all of the help and donations of time, money and people. The Methodist Church, at a time when you are so involved in many other outreaches, you gave of personnel and money. The Catholic Church for money and gift donations. The Church at Meeker for money, personnel and gifts. The businesses that gave gift donations, The Bakery, Valley Hardware, Jackson’s Office Supply, and Meeker Drugs (both the old and the new). And just as importantly, all of the individuals that heard the call and responded with so much love.
Thank you again, I hope to see you all again next year at the second annual Christmas Shop.
With love and thanks
to my community,
Treasa Ellis