Letters to the Editor: April 3, 2008

Dear Editor,
To all of our friends and family: James and Yvette Stewart would like to say goodbye. We are moving to Trinidad, Colo. We will miss everyone very much. We want to say thanks for all the good memories and times we have had in the last 25-plus years here. This is our new address: 2643 Cuchara St., Trinidad, Colo., 81082.
Thank you,
James and Yvette Stewart
Dear Editor,
Don’t forget Hal.
Kenneth Keeble’s obituary mentioned that he was “preceded in death by “brother, Raymond,” but did not list his youngest brother, Hal. As a new Marine, coming home on leave, Hal died in a car wreck near Rangely in about 1949.
The Keeble ranch, originally homesteaded by Henry Rock and later owned by the Harker family, was the next place below my grandparents’ ranch. It was No. 3 on the Highland Ditch.
I remember Hal at 12 driving a team-pulled buckrake. I remember Hal as a teenager riding broncos. I remember reading in “Years Gone By” that Hal was president of his senior class.
John R. Isaac