Letters to the Editor: Aug. 16, 2012

Dear Editor:
A recent letter writer to a western Colorado newspaper claimed the that “the conservative mind is governed by fear.” I happen to have a conservative mind dominated by disgust.
I am disgusted with both political parties for getting us into the mess we are in, and lacking the courage and initiative to begin to get us out. Our national debt is more money than all future generations will be able to pay off. The liberal answer is to pile on more debt in a futile effort to eliminate to the debt.
I am disgusted with claims that President Bush caused the recession which lies on the shoulders of the Dodd-Frank team which would not allow brakes to be put onto Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac permitting home loans to go to people who could not afford the houses they were buying, leading to the housing crisis and the demise of the nation’s economy.
As a conservative, I support the republic as established by the Constitution. I have no fear of democracy.
I am disgusted with corrupt union practices such as accumulating great sums of money from sometimes unwilling participants and using this money to swing liberal policies. The idea that one has to have access to a huge bank role in order to be successful in politics is totally revolting to me. And, of course, both liberal and conservatives are guilty of this.
I have no fear of legal immigrants since my father and grandparents on both sides were legal immigrants. However, not enforcing laws against illegal invaders is disgusting. I am disgusted with the federal government telling a state that they can not legally enforce a law not being enforced by the feds.
Other imagined fears in the letter, of African-Americans, of women (except for my wife), of science, would require space in a second letter.
We should all be proud of this great country without regard to our political leanings.
Dick Prosence

PMC seeks survey participants
Dear Editor:
Pioneers Medical Center is in the process of developing and updating its strategic plan. This is a process the board of directors undertakes every three years. During this process we conduct telephone interviews to learn from area residents about their healthcare needs. This coming week of Aug. 20-24, Pioneers Medical Center has asked Dan Jones and Associates to conduct telephone interviews. These interviews will be to more than 200 randomly selected households. If you receive a phone call, we would appreciate it if you could take the 10-12 minutes to complete the survey. The information gathered through the interview process is very valuable, and helps us to do a better job of providing care. For example, during the 2009 interviews, we received input on the need for MRI services. Now PMC offers on-site MRI care every other Monday. We learned there was a need for more primary care providers and surgery. We now have eight providers offering primary care as well as offering general surgery services.
PioneersMedical Center is committed to providing the best medical care. We thank you for your involvement and input. Again, the telephone surveys will take place between Aug. 20 and Aug. 24. If you have questions please feel free to call Margie Joy, 970-878-9317.
Margie Joy
PMC Director of Community Relations

Natural resource tour
Dear Editor:
The White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts invite you to join a tour of local, state, and federal agencies; state and federal legislators; industry representatives; and other interested parties on a natural resource tour to be held in Rio Blanco County, Colo., Aug. 29 and 30. Wednesday is devoted to forest health and management discussions. We anticipate great networking between the tour participants in an effort to find solutions to forest management challenges.
Thursday will be in the west end of Rio Blanco County and focused on rangeland health, Greater Sage Grouse, wild horses, invasive species and oil and gas reclamation. Therefore, much of the tour and discussions will be in regards to BLM lands in addition to the private lands.
We invite you to join us and participate in the discussions regarding what is needed to continue improving management of these resources.
If traveling from the Front Range, you will be able to join the tour bus departing Denver at 7 a.m. on Wednesday and return Thursday evening. If you are coming from the western slope, you can meet the bus in Meeker at 11 a.m. on Wednesday.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding your availability and participation. We hope you can join us.
Callie Hendrickson
Executive Director
White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts