Letters to the Editor: Aug. 30, 2012

Thanks for listening
Dear Editor:
On Friday, Aug. 4 we had a most devastating experience when our motor home quit operating! We were just approaching Nine-Mile gap, commenting how beautiful the area was at dusk. All of a sudden the dash lights lit up, the engine would run but no forward power. Somehow we limped to Rim Rock Campground and spent a very sleepless night. Next morning we attempted to find assistance through our Road Side Assistance Insurance which proved to be no help. To make a long story short, Sunday I went into town to have air put into our tow car tire and stopped at Meeker Full Service Station. While checking the tires, Steve listened to my sad story and said he would come out to the RV Park after he closed and check for a problem with his computer, which he did. He found some questionable readings and said he would be back on Monday to see if he could fix the problem. Monday, after spending two hours virtually checking every component recognized by the modern wonders of electronics, he started visually checking “under the hood.” He found two clamps that were carelessly left loose by work done prior to setting out on our “Colorado Adventure.” After Steven tightened these and checked for more human errors, the computer was happy, no more bad readings. The only problem: our machine wouldn’t run. The computer showed absolutely nothing wrong. The motor sounded fine, the transmission was fine, it just wouldn’t run down the road! Once again, Steve lay the computer aside and this time crawled under the motor home to see if he could visually detect any problems. In doing so he touched a bundle of wires that were laying on the exhaust header and they immediately sparked! They were completely burned through, insulation and all. In the meantime, another gentleman that was staying at the campground and watching all of our problems came to Steve’s shop and insisted on taking us out for a much-needed dinner. While we were gone Steve re-wrapped and repositioned the above-mentioned wires. Still that same evening, he took the motor home for a test drive. He called us as we were leaving the restaurant and reported it ran beautifully.
When we returned from dinner, Steven and his son, Stevie, had brought the motor home back to our parking spot, parked it for us, put down the jacks and said they would see us the next morning to settle up. I might add, the price he charged for all of this work was very much within reason.
We also want to mention how nice the people at the RV Park were, also the Italian restaurant, the lady at the museum, and the man at the self-serve laundry. Our thanks also to the man at NAPA who fixed our electrical connection between the motor home and the car when it got cut in all of our turmoil.
You have a wonderful town and wonderful people living in it. Many thanks to Steve and everyone else who listened to our problems and helped us.
Virginia and Bob Hamilton
Salt Lake City, Utah

3R driving tour
Dear Editor:
The 3R’s group (Rio Blanco Rural Schools Research Project) has been working to locate all the rural schools in Rio Blanco County for the past five years. We are proud to announce our first “driving tour” brochure is available at the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials at the Rio Blanco Historical Society booth, the Meeker Chamber of Commerce and the White River Museum. The brochure, called the Coal Creek District Rural Schools, includes Coal Creek, Little Beaver, Upper Coal Creek and Thornburg schools.
A special thank you to the RE-1 School District and the Meeker Public Library for providing us space to work on our research project and store our materials and information. The school board and the administration have been very supportive in providing public documentation and continue to stay abreast of our endeavor. The Meeker Public Librarian and his staff have been a great help with additional information and technical assistance.
Thank you to numerous members of the county and their families for all the information and pictures. With their help we have been able to move forward with our project. Soon we will be moving back to the administration building where we will continue to compile additional “driving tour” brochures and rural schools’ history. If anyone has any information or pictures of Rio Blanco rural schools please call or email one of the following people.
Marge Rogers 878-4572
Janet Clark 878-4628
Ellen Reichert 878-5678
Artie Parr 878-5805
Sally Eatherton sseatherton@nctelecom.net
Martha Cole davidmarthacole@gmail.com

Musical chairs
Dear Editor:
Meeker wisdom: “Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse.” The location for our new hospital should be about function, necessity and accessibility.
There are two features of any town that don’t have to be in or near the city limits: (1) an airport, and (2) a fairground. Since Washington has decided to give us $9 million to upgrade the Meeker airport, this site is no longer a good fiscal choice. But the location of the fairgrounds is ripe for the picking. The Rio Blanco County Fairgrounds require an upgrade. It has been rode hard and put up wet too many times. A modern fairground facility is exactly what this county needs.
One might also consider relocating the county shop to the old BLM building or present site of the hospital. This is a little like the game of musical chairs. One chair always seems to be a better fit. This would also be a good swap for the hospital and the county.
A hospital is about public safety at its highest level. We need to look for what is best for the patient and this is about location, location, location.
Joe Fennessy

RHS Class of 1987
Dear Editor:
I would like get the word out. The Rangely Class of 1987 is having our 25th class reunion. We are getting together Sept. 14 at the homecoming football game. We are inviting any and all alumni to join us. The football game starts at 7 p.m. Hope to see you there! Any questions please call Bonnie Russell-Higgins at 970-424-2291 or find me on Facebook!
Bonnie Russell-Higgins