Letters to the Editor: August 28, 2009

Dear Editor,
In the last month, the price per barrel of oil has dropped from a record high of $146.50 down to Aug. 22 price of $114.59. At the time of the record high oil price, the national average per gallon of gasoline at the pump was $4.14. As of Aug. 22, the national average per gallon is $3.69, which amounts to a 45-cent drop in price. During the same time period, locally, the price per gallon has dropped 10 cents. Nearly every resident in the area has watched reports of declining oil prices throughout the nation, but has yet to experience the relief here at home. It would be nice to see the prices drop as easily as they rose during the beginning of the summer when they were rising daily, or if that can’t happen then perhaps just an explanation would help.
Chad Shepherd

Dear Editor,
I would like to discuss three issues that have been on my mind for some time. First, obviously unknown to the gas station owners up here in Meeker, the price of a barrel of oil has been going down steadily for weeks, from a high of $147 a barrel in mid-July to the current $114 a barrel. As of Aug. 22, the average price of gas nationwide was $3.69 and the average gas price in Colorado as of Aug. 24 was $3.71. Our gas prices here in Meeker are still at $4.19. This looks suspiciously like price gouging to me. I feel it is time the officials here in Meeker looked into this. If there is an honest reason for it to be so high, I would love to know what it is.
Second, there is a sign coming into Meeker on Highway 13 from the west that says trucks are not to use their engine brakes. Those brakes are noisy, and, rightfully, they shouldn’t be using them in town. But, I feel that the large diesel pickups are every bit as noisy and annoying as the truck brakes. I really don’t think it is necessary for these large pickups to be revving their engines in residential areas. I know the diesels are a bit noisier than regular pickups, but they don’t have to be so loud and obnoxious that you can’t hear anything else. A lot of people in town have the diesel pickups and drive them with respect to others.
Third, a lot of people in town must be under the impression that leaving their vehicles running while they go into a store or the post office, rather than stopping and restarting the engine, is saving gas. According to AAA, that is not true. Since the advent of fuel injection, it takes almost no gas to restart your car. In a situation where you can park the vehicle and come back to it later, you save gas by turning off the ignition. Leaving the vehicle running uses more fuel and adds pollution to our beautiful little valley.
Susan Hicken

Dear Editor,
Another school year is upon us. School supplies are an important part of our children’s learning. I say “our” because having grown up in this community, I have seen how we take responsibility for each other.
I was saddened today while dropping off donations to the school. I was told that donations were minimal this year. To find out that we as a community have failed those less fortunate, with the donation of school supplies shows a lack of caring in the education of our children. These same children will grow, some will leave and others will make Rangely what it is and what it’s values are in the future.
I realize that times are tough, what with gas prices and food prices. Every little bit goes a long way. I am positive that the schools would be able to tell you what they need. Please call one of them today and help our students out: Parkview 675-2267, middle school 675-5021 and the high school 675-2253
Thank you for all that you do, Rangely! Let’s step up.
Dee Dee Rouse

Dear Editor,
Non-voters: 62 percent of eligible voters in Rio Blanco County did not vote on Aug. 7. That means they do not care about who runs our county. That means only a little more than one-third voted.
If that is all who vote on Nov. 2, nationwide a few people will decide who our next president and Congress will run or ruin this great country the U.S.A.
That is right. We can have 50 percent of our income paid in taxes.
We do have expensive gasoline.
We can have higher food, shelter and other luxuries.
Those who did not or do not vote should never complain about any of the above as they gave up their right by not voting.
The liberals in congress say we are having too much money and want more to give to other money for their special groups like their pork barrel supporters.
Liberals want our constitution abolished and a socialist government without God.
Look at what they have already done, eliminated God from many things already.
A disgusted person,
Orval LaBorde