Letters to the Editor: December 18

Dear Editor,
I want to personally thank Beverly Gibbs for her dedicated leadership in organizing the 2008 Holidayfest. She is new to Rangely and this was a leap of faith on her part. She enjoyed it, so much she has offered to chair the Holidayfest for 2009! When you see her, please thank her for her efforts in organizing the Holidayfest!
The second Holidayfest event has taken place and hopefully will continue on for many years. Since living in Rangely since 1994 and not seeing any community Christmas celebration, I felt it was time for Holidayfest to emerge as a Rangely annual tradition and it seems the community agrees. Gaila Bell started the Holidayfest in 2007 — the year of the huge snow blizzard. She was determined that the “show should go on” and it did!
Holidayfest is still very new and ideas are being tried and changed. Due to popular demand “The Parade of Lights” will be included next year. Your ideas are welcome and so is your help and support. We never have too many helpers for community events.
The Rangely Chamber businesses and those that do not belong are welcome to join in with the Holidayfest committee for 2009 and give ideas and input. We will be meeting next Tuesday, Dec. 16 at noon at Town Hall.
We need to work together as a community as we are all dependent on one another in a small town. All ideas and input are welcome. Please contact me at 629-2897 and/or contact Bevery Gibbs at 675-3219.
Phyllis Henley
Rangely Chamber

Dear Editor,
I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to the family and friends of Charles Holmes. As part of the recognition of the Share the Light program, Charles’s name is on the banner placed on the courthouse lawn, but it was accidentally omitted from the recognition in last week’s newspaper. I appreciate his support of the Share the Light program and apologize for this oversight.
Margie Joy
Pioneers Medical Center

Dear Editor,
To our friends and family in Rangely: As many of you know Jace was burned pretty bad the day after Thanksgiving. It has been a nightmare out here in Salt Lake. Your prayers and moral and financial support have helped so much. Your prayers have been the shoulder we need to lean on. Your donations have allowed us to stay close to Jace. We love hearing from all of you back home. You can call us at 629-9441 or 769-2622. We want to send a special thank you to Ryan Waters, Mac Cook and the Rangely Christian Church. We will probably be here another week at least. If all goes well we can transfer to Grand Junction. Thank You Dr. Hinton and all the staff at Rangely District Hospital. You guys are great. Jace loves hearing from everyone so please give him a call. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. Thank you, Rangely!
God Bless All,
The Williams Family
Terry, Billie, Devin, Jace and Brandi and Kami

Dear Editor,
Colorado West Mental Health (Meeker) would like to thank all the generous people and organizations that donated money this past year to help our clients with out of pocket expenses that they could not have afforded without help. We have been able to assist people with a variety of needs such as, energy bills, clothing, cold medicine and counseling, doctor visits, food etc.. Very special thanks to United Way/HRC for its generous donation of $1,500 for help with emergency needs that rise for our clients. Patti and Johnny Arrington for their never ending supply of support and generosity, CET for always being able to look at things creatively and the wonderful ladies at The Bakery who anonymously donate turkeys every year and who supply our school age children with school supplies. The ministerial alliance that has helped with lodging and plane tickets and hospital stays to enable people to either stay in Meeker or return to their families. The food bank which continues to fill an ongoing need and is very much appreciated. Our mission to create access to quality mental health and substance abuse services, enhancing recovery and resilience in our communities with the collaboration of all these agencies we are able to make a huge difference in the lives of the people we treat. We are blessed to work with such a supportive and generous community of people.
Happy Holidays,
Margot Robb
Colorado West
Mental Health Center

Dear Editor,
I would like to express my regret involving the dismissal of Rosalee Coombs from Rangely Medical Center. Before visiting your clinic, I had been very sick for over a year. I had visited numerous doctors around the state and none of them had taken the time to diagnose my serious illness. However, after visiting Rosalee Coombs at Rangely Medical Center, she ordered some blood work that led to the diagnosis of my disease. I am happy to say that I am feeling better and very grateful for Rosalee’s concern and expertise that led to my diagnosis. Without her persistence, concern and knowledge, the quality of my life would be drastically worse. Because of my experience and the similar experiences of many others in the community who have been treated by this caring professional, I would like to ask the hospital board to reconsider dismissing Rosalee Coombs from Rangely Medical Center.
Becky Gibbs Bertoch