Letters to the Editor: Feb. 9, 2012

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Dembowski family appreciates support
Dear Editor:
On behalf of Traker Frank Dembowski’s entire family, we want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. The tremendous amount of support we have received is truly amazing. No words can ever express how thankful we are to have such a loving family, friends, community, surrounding communities and co-workers. The food brought to our homes was greatly appreciated. The flowers and plants made the church absolutely beautiful. Most of all we felt your hugs and prayers surround us and give us extra strength. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love you all!
Scott, Missy and Kastyn
Curt and Susie
Howdy, Michelle and Teagan
Dean, Kendra and Dalton

Will we vote on a new hospital?

Dear Editor:
In a coffee discussion last week, a subject was brought up about a new hospital. Being the naive person I am, my comment was, “Oh that has to be voted on by the public.” No, I was told, it does not. It can be skirted around and not given up to a public vote. Oh great! another freedom of choice being taken away from us. I then inquired from a person of honest reputation and background, is this really true? I was told it was. I am appalled and astonished! What are we doing to our children and grandchildren? And whatever has happened to our freedoms and rights as described in the constitution of the United States of America? Sadly another foothold taken by those who promote socialism.
Marilyn Whitemann

How to change things
Dear Editor:
Many of us have received email and comments from our friends about excellent ideas to repair our broken Congress. For example: term limits, abide by all laws they impose on the American people, participate in the same health care system as the American people, participate in Social Security, public-funded elections, no tenure/no pension — purchase their own retirement plans, like the rest of the American people.
The problem is nobody in Congress will support these ideas.
The solution is to convert these ideas into action by supporting citizen representatives, chosen by the members from their congressional district, who will refuse to accept special-interest money, are independent of a political party, and will serve a limited term. Go to www.goooh.com to learn more.
Serving in Congress should be an honor, not a career.
Billy D. Clifford
Austin, Texas

Rangely Food Bank thanks volunteers

Dear Editor:
I would like to thank all the people who have been so generous with their donations of food, time and money. The grants from Natural Soda and Chevron, the generous cash donations from Napa Auto, Urie Trucking, Town of Rangely and EnCana and Chevron employees for their cash, food and sundries drive.
A special thank you to the young students at Rangely High. It is so nice to see our younger generation taking an interest in helping those in need.
Thanks to all for their help in keeping the Rangely Food Bank helping those that find it hard to keep food on the table. Your generosity have made it possible for us to move into a bigger area, and have new shelves to hold the food without worrying about them falling over.
Thanks Janette, Linda, Paula and all the volunteers for their great job.
Thanks again.
Darlene Feller, Rangely Food Bank director

Country founded on checks, balances?
Dear Editor:
Article 1.8.11 of the Constitution of the United States specifies that Congress shall have the power to declare war. The last declared war was World War II. How did we spend the last ten years and billions upon billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan if Congress did not declare war? Our country was founded on a system of checks and balances so that when one branch of government fails to uphold the constitution the other branches take action to correct the problem. Is that happening today? I think not.
The members of the House of Representatives are supposed to be the people’s voice in Washington. Does your congressman represent you or the big money and party politics that got them elected? In order to hold our government accountable we must first hold our representatives accountable. A logical process has been established to do that. Read about it at www.goooh.com.
Submitted by:
Irving B. Welchons III
4329 Esherwood Lane
Charlotte, NC 28270