Letters to the Editor: February 12 Edition

Dear Editor,
As a former “Rangely-ite” I am a little disturbed to learn that home town nurse practitioner Rosaly Coombs is no longer at Rangely Hospital. There were many of us who were excited to have medical care from a person we knew to be a dedicated member of our community, ready to care for our medical needs.
The past few years Rangely seems to have been struggling. I don’t know if it is a lack of leadership, but looking back there have been many problems. Some public entities couldn’t entice citizens to serve on their boards, while others were booted out at election time because some in the public sector had a personal gripe about someone. Then there were those board members who were knowledgeable, qualified trustees, but couldn’t abide the “small town politics” and would suddenly resign.
Remember the chaos with the hospital some years ago? Now, they are at it again. What about the Giant Step Day Care — there was a steady stream of directors coming and going. Then there was the Rangely Library controversy.
Mostly, I had pleasant experiences in Rangely, but have been concerned the past few years about some of the problems that are occurring there.
I am hoping the citizens will be able to get better control of their affairs and will come together for the common good of the community.
Gwen Elam
American Fork, Utah

Dear Editor,
Retirement of a friend — Dale Hallebach.
Several times in the past years I have missed friends who have retired and are no longer there to greet me. Now another friend is missing — this time in our post office.
Dale was always very helpful to all my postal needs during his time served here in Meeker.
Most of all he showed genuine concern in the health and trade days that has occurred to my family these past years.
I miss your friendly smile and hello. Dale, I thank you for your years of service here in Meeker.
Arlene Fritzlan