Letters to the Editor: July 10, 2008

Dear Editor,
I am a current resident at the Love’s RV Park. Reading your article today on what Jeff Madison had to say about the housing crunch here in Meeker has just confirmed to me that the county commissioners’ office doesn’t really understand the full spectrum of what this decision could do for this town. He says that the other half of the residents will eventually find a place to call home, and that there are plenty of places to go. Hmmm… I would like this magical list of places to go. I have spent most of my day looking for a place to relocate my family.
So the only open spot that sounds reasonable to me and saves us on gas would be Jeff Madison’s front lawn, I am sure he could squeeze that through the loopholes. He knows people.
Also in your article Ginny Love had made a comment about the other possible park that they are working on she said, “It is completely secluded. They (the RV park residents) would be completely hidden, which would make everybody happy.” It is so sad that one of your fellow residents would have to speak of another human being in this manner, in order to make the town OK for outsiders to reside here. No, my family does not have the bubonic plague, and no my family are not lepers, so no need to worry there, we are just low income white trash that live in trailers, right? Very wrong in every way, I have a nursing degree with five years of college under my belt, my husband makes $60,000-plus a year. So we are very educated rich white trash: beware. So as you can see, there is a discrepancy in human behavior and compassion with the county commissioners. The county commissioners will sleep well at night I’m sure knowing they are putting 100+ families homeless. Oh, but not to worry, there are plenty of places for us to go, right?
On to the next scenario. I pay $35 plus extra for the Meeker Rec. Center a month. Since I will probably have to relocate to Timbuktu, I will have to end my membership. Let’s see, hmmm… oh yeah, the men my husband works with enjoy greatly the Crabfest at Gary’s Steakhouse, but unless they decide to work on a crab boat they probably won’t spend the 40-plus minutes to drive for crab every Wednesday. Also I probably won’t be spending my money at the grocery store either since I probably will live close enough to a Wal-Mart. And I won’t be able to enjoy the yummy pizzas that Ma Famiglia makes since it will be cost efficient for me to cook every night and not eat out once a week like we have been. So the next time the county commissioners decide to go to the local Kum and Go to fill up their gas guzzling SUVs and trucks, I hope they remember that the educated, rich, white trailer trash made it possible for them to have fuel.

Editor’s Note: Typically, the Herald Times does not run anonymous letters to the editor. Our policy is a letter to the editor must be signed. If someone is serious about writing a letter to the editor, they will attach their name to it. We will consider making exceptions, however, as in this case, where we have met the person who wrote the letter, and he/she appears to have a legitimate concern that there could be ramifications if the writer’s name was published.