Letters to the Editor: July 31, 2008

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Dear Editor,
I would like to thank all of the kids and adults who painted the wall on South White. It is wonderful and so much fun to look at. These kids have so much to be proud of and have given us a great gift themselves.
Lynda Cady
Dear Editor,
Here is what the Democratic Party wants:
60 percent of Senate,
60 percent of Representatives,
Control of Both Houses
Then here is what they will do — Kill our Constitution,
Take away our Freedom,
Chase GOD out of our Lives,
Do away with all our Guns,
Make us slaves to them,
Make one Nation of the North American Continent.
So all 100 percent should vote for Republicans.
We do Need both parties to have a United States of America.
Kick the Liberals out of the Democratic Party
Bring Back GOD to Help Us.
Orval LaBorde