Letters to the Editor: June 28, 2012

Thank you veterans
Dear Editor:
As everyone knows from the column in last week’s letter to the editor, Meeker had some very special guests in our town. The Wounded Warriors cycled from Rangely to Meeker and stayed overnight in Meeker. They rode in on Sunday, which was Father’s Day. Now this group is riding from “Sea 2 Shining Sea,” starting in California and ending in Virginia. They are a cycling team raising money for the team.
I would personally like to thank everyone who made it possible from the Ladies Auxiliary to Meeker VFW Post 5843. I know this was a special day for dads. Some of the riders were fathers, too! And they were very appreciative to those who made it possible for them to have a potluck dinner at Mountain Valley Bank’s community room. Without these people in our wonderful community, we would have not successfully pulled off a great dinner and a breakfast the next morning for this group!
A big thank you to: White River Inn, Watt’s Ranch Market, LD Grove, Denise Pierce, Zina Eliasen, Alicia Watt, Harry Watt, Bobby Gutierrez, Patricia Merrifield and her two children, Diane Rupert, Arlene Estes, Mickey Tucker, Patti and Dennis Terp , Vicki Crawford #2, Stacey Gould, Tricia Rupp, Tom and Jeannie Kilduff, Mike Gould, Men’s VFW Post 5843, Ladies Auxiliary to Meeker VFW Post 5843, Mountain Valley Bank and the Meeker United Methodist Church. The last two thanks go to two very special boys who helped tremendously and were overheard saying they were honored to be serving “real soldiers.” Their mothers can be very proud of these two!
Thank you, Kesston Hobbs and Jeffery Cole! And thank you to those whom I might have left out!
Kim Gould
Ladies Auxiliary, Treasurer

Hello from Apple Valley
Dear Editor:
Hello Meeker from Apple Valley, Calif. My wife and I just celebrated our 60th anniversary and we will be coming back to Meeker for a visit next month to visit my sister Lois Richardson and brother-in-law Wilbur.
Lester Richardson
Apple Valley, Calif.
Birthday card
Dear Editor:
You may remember me; I’m the Little Birthday Card that got lost several months back.
I just wanted you to know that I finally made it to my destination to wish my friend a happy birthday! After seven long months of hanging out in Georgia for quite some time I was released and sent back to Grand Junction. Sometime during my trip my return address label that I had sticking on the back of the envelope was peeled off and placed in the upper left hand corner… Remember that is where it is supposed to be With the ‘?’ still on the address for the box number, I was placed in my friend’s box and I finally got to wish her a happy birthday!
It was a long, exhausting trip, but I was happy to get to my Meeker destination. Just thought I should bring you up to date since last you knew, I was lost.
Next time I’ll tell my sender to use her electric “go cart” and hand deliver it — it would probably be faster!
Beverly Shaw

Parade invite
Dear Editor:
I would like to invite anyone that went to the elementary school library in the last 20 years to walk with us in the Fourth of July parade. We will walk behind the book mobile. You may dress up as your favorite book character. Each person will be given a flag and a book to carry. Parents, you may pick up your children at the south side of the old elementary school. We will keep them there until you come pick them up. We will be at the end of the parade so you can join in as we come by if you wish. Just for old times sake. Call 878-4866 for more information. Leave a message and I will get back to you.
See you there!
Kay Bivens

GPS services
Dear Editor:
Rio Blanco County has contracted with Visual Lease Services to GPS and map all oil and gas wells, compressor stations, gas plants, pipelines and lease roads in the county. Inspections will begin July 16 and will last approximately one week.
Rio Blanco County would appreciate the cooperation of all landowners and oil and gas companies during this process. Please provide access through gates, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the Rio Blanco County Assessor’s office at 970-878-9410.
Thank you,
Renae Neilson
County Assessor
Blissful Beauty
Dear Editor:
Blissful Beauty would like to bring to attention that nine gift certificates expire in July. If you or a loved one has a gift certificate that expires next month I will extend the date on them to Aug. 10. Just because we will be closed for the Fourth of July holiday. After that date they are expired, no exceptions. The month of August there are only two that expire, they have been extended to August 31, no exceptions. Any questions please call 970-675-2807. Thank you and have a blessed holiday.
Blissful Beauty Salon and Spa

TBD Colorado
Dear Editor:
TBD Colorado recently concluded its final round of public summits across the state.
TBD Colorado is an extraordinary effort that offers every Coloradan an opportunity to analyze and prioritize how we spend our taxpayer dollars, particularly in five areas – health, education, transportation, state budget and state workforce.
Other states have invited think tanks and civic leaders to analyze state issues, but nothing has been quite as ambitious as this nonpartisan, collaborative effort. TBD Colorado has engaged more than 1,000 Coloradans from 100 communities in 40 regions across the state since April. It has hosted six public summits.
On behalf of the TBD Colorado Board, the nonprofit guiding this effort, I sincerely thank our earnest participants for their commitment to a better Colorado.
In these meetings, individuals were passionate about making Colorado a better place to live. They represented a wide array of viewpoints and perspectives. Our intent was not to push a Democrat or Republican agenda, but for Coloradans to create the Colorado agenda. To do that, we encouraged give-and-take conversation. Not everyone needed to agree on every issue, but to look for common ground to do what’s in the best interest for all. Our expectations were exceeded when we learned that 42 percent of those who attended regional meetings said they significantly changed their views on one or more of the issues as a result of their TBD Colorado conversations. Ninety-six percent of summit participants agreed or strongly agreed that it is important to Colorado’s future success to have an enduring mechanism for non-partisan deliberation and consideration.
Although public meetings have concluded, Coloradans may still participate by logging onto www.TBDColorado.org to download meeting summaries and use interactive tools to offer comments.
A report to the General Assembly, governor and general public and will be presented in December.
Greg Maffei
Chair of TBD Colorado Board of Directors