Letters to the Editor: March 6, 2008

Dear Editor,
I am pleased to hear the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission recently decided to include industry experts in the ongoing rule-making process. I hope this inclusion has been legitimate and meaningful. As you know, thousands of people who make their living in the oil and gas business attended commission hearings throughout the state expressing concern over the draft rules. The proposed rules are largely duplicative of existing environmental rules and regulations and offer no new protection to the environment. Why not just implement the rules that we have and save the money for government and industry? There were many problems associated with the draft rules. The initial proposal had implications that might negatively affect Colorado ‘s budget and the Western Slope’s economy. I remain hopeful that concerns expressed by our industry are addressed in the new draft rules due out later this month.
Jack Braun
Denver, Colo.

Dear Editor,
I recently submitted a comment to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regarding the ongoing rule-making process. In my comment concerns about the rule-making process were highlighted. The COGCC Web site has a tab for viewing comments. I didn’t see a single of the 1,000 plus hand-written postcards or letters those of us who work in the industry took the time to write. This is an issue about fairness and transparency. Either the COGCC should post all the comments or none. If the agency doesn’t have the resources to post my comment on the Web, then what business do they have writing a rule that will affect my company, the economy and the jobs of thousands of people?
Steve Goodknight
Grand Junction, Colo.

Dear Editor,
There’s been a lot of rhetoric lately surrounding the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s efforts to re-write the rules that govern the energy industry in this state. As one of the more than 70,000 people who work in the gas fields and will be directly impacted by these new rules, I’d like to set the record straight on one key point.
Our governor and his staff repeatedly say they want to maintain a healthy oil and gas industry in our state. But, they routinely insinuate that development of our state’s vast natural gas resources is currently occurring while we sacrifice the very things that make Colorado special.
Frankly, that’s insulting and simply not accurate.
I love Colorado. My family has been here for 50 plus years. I care deeply about leaving behind a place where my children and my children’s children can enjoy all of the great things about this state I currently enjoy. And, I am proud to work for an industry that shares those values and has invested millions of dollars in technology to minimize its footprint and enhance protection of our air, water and wildlife.
I’d respectfully suggest that our governor and his staff learn more about what thousands of people like me throughout state are doing to keep Colorado special, while developing the clean natural gas we all need, before they make such assumptions.
Jack Hayes
Palisade, Colo.

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank W.C. Striegel and Kent Ahrens, for their donations towards our team while we were in Denver at the state tournament. I would also like to thank the many that traveled to Denver and supported our wrestling team. Thank you for your support through this awesome season.
On behalf of the Rangely High School wrestling team, the coaching staff and the community of Rangely, we’d like to give Bobby Gutierrez of the Herald Times a big thank you for the coverage at the high school state wrestling championships. Your section in last week’s paper was great. I know my wrestlers will enjoy it.
Coach Jeff LeBleu and the RHS wrestling team
Rangely, Colo.

Dear Editor,
We are so excited to share with the young moms of Rangely an exciting new opportunity to connect with each other. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a group of ladies who meet monthly for a time of refreshing, learning and getting to know other moms who are in the same season of life. We meet from 9:15-11 a.m. on the first Thursday of every month at Grace Baptist Church, located at 144 S. Stanolind. And the best part is that child care is provided so you can get a much needed break. We’re hoping all the MOPS of Rangely will join us! For more information call Tarrah Patch at 675-2613.
Julie Noyes
Rangely, Colo.