Letters to the Editor: May 17, 2012

Theos backs Turner for commissioner
Dear Editor:

The upcoming election for county commissioner gave me the impetus to do a little research to assist me in deciding how to cast my ballot.
Because I am involved in the family owned sheep ranch, most of what concerns me is what an elected official does that supports our endeavors. We are range sheep operators, which in this part of the country means that we rely on two main things to sustain our sheep herds: grazing and water, both come under threat from radical environmental groups and animal rights activists.
Our very survival in this industry occurs only because of different organizations that have been formed and whose members work diligently to fend off attacks on our way of life.
Often times these organizations have representation from “the other side” and it takes special, strong individuals from our side to change their thinking or to achieve a compromise to which we can adjust.
My vote is going to Kai Turner. Kai is a member of the board of directors for the Colorado River District, he is the Rio Blanco County representative on the Yampa, White, Green Basin Round Table, he serves on the BLM Resource Advisory Council, and he is vice-chair of the Land Use and Natural Resources Steering Committee for Colorado Counties Inc. All of these groups take up the cudgel for state and local control.
On a national level Kai was nominated by the Colorado Counties, Inc. to serve on the National Association of Counties Steering Committee for Public Lands. Kai’s appointment came in January 2012. To be appointed to this committee is tough and very political and because of all the grazing issues on federal lands that we face, i.e. sage grouse, big horn sheep, black footed ferrets, and the list goes on and on, I feel fortunate that we have a local Republican who has succeeded in getting onto this committee.
The majority of land in Rio Blanco County is owned by the federal government. My main concern is with grazing issues, but we do have many other issues that concern the residents of this county, i.e. gas and oil.
To me it makes no sense to cast my ballot any other way. I know that I can pick up the phone and contact Kai about anything that concerns our operation and count on his ability, because of the affiliations that he now has, to address those concerns first hand.
Connie Theos

Rangely schools say thanks to community
Dear Editor:
A group of current and past school district employees came together to plan a series of community fund raising events to support the Hodges family.
Roebi Hodges received significant head injuries and spent several months at Children’s Hospital in Denver this year. He is home and recovering like a champion. The education group put on a golf fundraiser April 20 chaired by Patti Williams and Paula Miller.
The event was highly successful because of contributions from Chevron, True Value, White River Market, Basic Energy, The Salon, Subway, Giant Step, Cedar Ridges Golf Course and the Western Rio Blanco Recreation and Park District. There were also many volunteers including Chris Hejl, Jeff Miller, Christy McElhaney, Gretchen Huebner, Linda Gordon, Tom Staley, Julia Davis and students from the National Junior Honor Society.
The spaghetti dinner at the Parkview Elementary was also a delicious success due to the charitable contributions from Frank Huitt, Bud Striegel and Elaine Urie and volunteerism from Jean Kenny, Sharon Gibson and Jolene Carlson.
The character of a community is revealed in times of crisis. The Rangely community suffered heartache when Roebi Hodges, a third-grader at Parkview Elementary School, was in an accident that sent him to Denver via Flight for Life.  He is recovering. However, the emotional and financial impact of the accident will affect the Hodges family for a long time. The school district is proud of our staff and the community for their support.
Rangely is truly is great place to live and learn.
Todd Cordrey
Rangely Public Schools

Thank you!
Dear Editor:
There is not enough to be said for our small town. We are so blessed to live here where people are so caring and generous with their lives, talents and precious time.
Thank you to the EMTs: Melissa, Patty and Laura and Driver Steve; Gary and the crew of fire fighters. They were at the scene of our accident in minutes and took every precaution to make sure we were safe and transported us safely and efficiently to PMC. Some were with families celebrating Mother’s Day, others were enjoying a day off and others had other jobs to attend to …
Then – how lucky for Meeker to have our hospital and staff! Thank you Dr. Krueger, Carol, Debbie, Lisa, the Lab tech, x-ray crew, et cetera, et cetera. What caring, concerned, considerate and capable people.
God bless you all for all that you do.
We also want to say thank you to the PMC committee under the direction of Margie Joy and Ken Harman, for sponsoring a wonderful “gala”, raising funds for scholarships for individuals to pursue their dream in the field of medicine. Some come back to Meeker and are involved in our local health care system. Job well done!
Thanks again,
Gus and Christine Halandras