Letters to the Editor: May 28, 2020

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Support for Rankin

Dear Editor:

Bob Rankin is the best conservative politician I have ever known, and I have known several. While I am very conservative, I would be a terrible politician. I would make a lot of noise and accomplish nothing. On the other hand, Bob just works hard for us and makes little noise.

As the senior member of the joint budget committee, he has been instrumental in protecting the interests of rural Western Colorado. He works with the Democratic members of the committee because he has to.

Now with the Chinese virus induced recession it is critical that we maintain the one Republican senator who can protect our vital interests in tourism, oil and gas, and agriculture. He is currently working hard on the state budget that will be cutting spending by 25%.

It will take years to recover from the damage created by the shut down of our economy.  We need Bob in the Colorado Senate.

Roland McLean, Carbondale, Colorado

Baseless accusations

Dear Editor:

It is important for me to respond to the editorial comment made about me in last week’s paper. It is disconcerting and troubling that the work I do for the county is being used as a political target for ignorant, disrespectful and baseless accusations. I am focused on building and preserving the positive lifestyle and freedom we all enjoy in Rio Blanco County, while ensuring we have a safe and healthy environment in which to raise our families.

If you have a concern, please come talk to me—ask me your tough questions. I have maintained an open line of communication from the time I announced my candidacy. Being negative and hateful is a waste of energy, it does nothing to improve relationships or strengthen our community.

I would never take advantage of taxpayer money, jeopardize my career or my bid for County Commissioner in any way. Again, if you have questions, concerns or would like to have a positive, productive discussion about Rio Blanco County and our future, please reach out to me on Facebook, send me an email tygates7@gmail.com or call me, my personal phone number is 303-472-2685.

Ty Gates, Candidate for RBC Commissioner