Letters to the Editor: Oct. 11, 2012

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Wake up, CDOT
Dear Editor:
The Oct. 4 edition of the Herald Times reported that three auto accidents had occurred along SH 64 (Meeker-Rangely) in the space of a week and a half resulting in two serious injuries and others less serious. Driver’s actions preceding each accident were similar, including possible lack of full attention, and in one case excessive speed. However, SH 64 is a very unforgiving highway where a small mistake can lead to tragedy. Not having had significant safety improvements for 60 years or so, the highway lacks shoulders, guardrail, wide lanes and in some areas includes surprise curves and short sight distances. A few miles of the highway could classified “paved wagon road.” Unfortunately, this is the story for hundreds of miles of rural highways on the state highway system which have not been significantly improved since constructed in the 1930s and 40s. Highway users are being injured and killed unnecessarily.
Similar tragedies can happen any day along SH13 (Meeker-Rifle) especially between the intersection of Rio Blanco County Road 5 (Piceance Creek) south to Rifle, some 18 miles. Heavy slow truck traffic and few opportunities for passing make drivers take chances. Passing lanes are needed. The intersection of County Road 5 and SH13 could be the site of a multi-fatal accident at any time.
Our spineless legislators, who care more about getting reelected than about solving real problems, are partly to blame, but the finger also needs to be pointed at CDOT. By adopting an ill-conceived scheme of accepting priorities set by Transportation Planning Regions instead by CDOT professionals, roundabouts at the Edwards interchange (about $10 million) are being built instead of real problems being solved. Poor design decisions resulted in a documented waste of nearly one million dollars on a SH13 project completed about two years ago.
Highway problems are being ignored during the current political climate, but the carnage continues.
Dick Prosence

Thank you
Dear Editor:
Thank you to the Garcia family, Tyrell Turner and Dave Brown for helping the preschool prepare for homecoming. We would also like to thank the Pretti family, “Pretti Trucking,” for donating the truck and trailer and for driving the preschool float.
The teachers appreciate your generosity and the children had a great time.
Thank you,
Meeker Preschool

Fond farewell
Dear Editor:
A heartfelt farewell to the community and friends in Meeker. My wonderful wife Sharon and I came to Meeker in 2000, with the intentions of staying here for the rest of our lives.
The community and the folks who breathe life into the heart of Meeker have touched our lives forever more. As we will truly miss your embracing us as neighbors. And thank you sincerely for all. Our hopes are to regain our composure from the downturn of the economy and perhaps return to the beautiful state of Colorado, and to be neighbors once again. Amen.
A special thank you to our friends for sharing a part of your lives with us. For this we are truly blessed We would like to say thank you to Dave and Jenny Morland, you were there for us during the passing of Ross, my father. Thank you to Gus and Christine Halandras for including us in sharing special occasions, to Jim and Theresa, thank you as well. Also Scott Isenhower, Jodine and Shane Gardener, and kids, for your help during our move. We couldn’t have done it without you. Also (Professor) Phil and Bobby, Cheryl, Mike, Chevy and CJ, the best neighbors on the planet! An extended thank you to our friends Frank Cooley, Bill Jordan, Lew Livingston, (may he rest in peace).
Thank you to First National Bank of the Rockies, Dave, JH and Todd in your support in helping us to create The Flying Guest House, one of the top 10 properties in Meeker. Also thank you to Shawn and Brian Welder for the opportunity to become the cowboy I’ve always dreamed of becoming.
A special thank you to The Vet Clinic, Dr. Stacey, Dr. Paul and Carol for taking care of and watching over our animals. To Arlene Estes for keeping Abby and Poppy so well groomed. Thank you to Frankie, across the street “good man.” Thank you to Lt. Mike Washburn for watching over and keeping our home safe when we were absent. Also the smiling faces of Angie and Joann at Meeker Video.
There are so many more folks that we have not mentioned, but you are not forgotten. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Be good, be healthy
and live happy.
Your friends
Clark and Sharon Urie
and animals
P. S. A special best of wishes to Russell, Sheila and Adalena. enjoy!