Letters to the Editor: Oct. 20, 2008

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Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter to express support for Representative Al White in his campaign to become Senator Al White. Al has served northwest Colorado diligently for the past eight years as representative and his experience and influence in the legislature are too important for us to lose.
I first met Al during his first term in the legislature and I was a member of the Rangely school board. During the past eight years we have had many lively discussions over a broad range of issues and I have come to respect Al’s openness to ideas, demand for details, and steadfastness in his beliefs. He has developed a broad understanding of our state and regional issues and has become a key leader in the state house.
As Colorado has grown, primarily along the interstate highway corridors, the influence of these growth centers has expanded in the legislature. Now the rural areas of the state have few legislators to represent their larger geographical area but low population. This makes it all the more important that those who we elect to represent us become respected leaders in Denver.
Al White has proven himself to be this type of leader and he exerts an influence far beyond being just one out of the one hundred members in the legislature. In particular, his experience on the joint budget committee is critical in the developing economic crisis. Al has also been a leader in promoting state tourism, supporting small business, protecting our institutions of higher learning and advocating for the removal of fiscal and budgetary items from our state constitution.
Again, I urge your support for Al White as our next state senator from Senate District 8. His experience and leadership will help ensure that northwest Colorado will be well represented in Denver for the next four years.
Ken Parsons,
Rio Blanco County

Dear Editor,
Enough is enough. The latest defamatory salvo from the McCain-Palin ticket where both accuse Senator Barack Obama of having close ties to a radical terrorist of the 1960s is the lowest and worst form of negative campaigning in modern times.
Bob Campbell

Dear Editor,
Although the construction of a new elementary school obviously takes the lion’s share of the proposed $24 million bond issue, improvements to both the high school and middle school are also included. Our school board has worked very diligently in developing a priority list of capital improvements for the school district, across the system. In the school district’s sights for capital improvement with these bond dollars are a roof replacement and improved air circulation system at the middle school and heating and lighting improvements at the high school. This bond issue is a system-wide improvement plan for the physical learning environments of our children.
In addition, passing this bond issue will open the door for future partnerships with the school district, the Town of Meeker, the county and others for acquiring new grant monies for additional community improvements. Once we as a community demonstrate our willingness to spend our own money, improving and repairing our community’s assets, we become eligible for state and federal grants, matching our efforts.
I have recently returned to Meeker with my family and found it had changed a little. Continued change seems to be inevitable in Meeker. With strong community involvement, the change we experience here can be an improvement for us all, while nurturing our community’s culture, which we all cherish. Please join me in supporting our community and our children’s future.
Jim Hanks