Letters to the Editor: Sept. 20, 2012

Religious politics
Dear Editor:
I. I am a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) and I do support Mitt Romney for president. Some may say that it is hard to trust Romney because of his “Mormon” faith. How can faith-based voters trust him not to move them in a “Mormon” direction?
II. In contrast, his opponent Barack Obama is less risky, more trustworthy. For example, he can be trusted to support abortion and undermine marriage and the family.
III. In November I will vote for Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama. I will vote for my values, not my religion.
Brian D. Murray
Meeker, Colo.

Consider the trade deficits with China
Dear Editor:
The United States has lost 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month or a total of 2,000,000 high paying manufacturing jobs under President Obama.
Our unemployment rate hovers over 8 percent. In January 2012 there were more unemployed Americans (12.8 million) compared to Americans working in manufacturing jobs (under 12 million).
China, the primary culprit, subsidizes its industries, manipulates its currency and has no minimum wages. China is the number one supplier of critical parts for our defense systems, and is the world’s largest exporter of high technology items. It produces 10 times more steel than the U.S.
Currently, there is one steel plant in the U.S. capable of producing steel that meets military specifications, and it was purchased by a European company.
We must counter the trade deficits with China and other countries by decreasing corporate taxes, or keep tax rates where they are, and subsidize U.S. industries. We currently owe China $1 trillion in debt, and our national debt has skyrocketed from $10 trillion to $16 trillion in the past few years.
President Obama had almost four years to improve our economy, and he has failed.
Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH

Customer appreciation?
Dear Editor:
Last Thursday we ate at JB’s in Vernal, as we have been doing regularly for 36 years, and were told they no longer take out-of-state checks. I clearly remember 36 years ago being told more than once, “Rangely isn’t out of town.” I asked to speak to the manager and was told that the new rule came from the owner, not some corporate headquarters on the other side of the country, and the reason was that they were being overwhelmed with bad checks, not only from out of state, but from Vernal and Roosevelt. So they are solving the problem by no longer accepting Rangely checks. We will solve the problem by no longer patronizing JB’s.
Mickey Allen