Letters to the Editor: Speaking ‘American’

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This is in regards to a quote taken from the Herald Times’ Facebook page. A woman said, “Speak American, read American, and be American.” That’s interesting because I did not know that American was a language. What about all the Native American languages in this country that have been spoken here well before the English language came? Are these people not Americans because their native language is not English? If an American goes over to England are they going to tell us to speak English?
It is very easy to say “If they would just come over legally,” when the person has no experience or education about the immigration system. Did you know that all immigrant visas that are adjudicated in Mexico only happen in one place? That place is Ciudad Juarez. Yes, the wonderful city of Juarez. There is a backlog of years and years because our government only has one embassy in all of Mexico for people to file for visas. Why doesn’t our government let more embassies work on visas to reduce the backlog of files? This would cut wait times way down and possibly reduce the amount of illegal people trying to enter. The current laws of immigration are old and outdated. An immigrant visa for a spouse of a citizen will take a minimum of two years with a max of probably 10-12. This is harsh when you think that if the immigrant is waiting in their home country, the burden that it puts on the citizen spouse or children. It is possible that the family will need government assistance while they wait for the immigrant to return.
Getting a green card isn’t as easy as people assume and before judgment is passed people need to educate themselves a little more. “The early North American Indian made a great mistake by not having an immigration bureau.” Author unknown.

Jackie Sanchez