Local Entities: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a community plan? Who will be involved?
A: This process is not a planning process to develop a community master plan. A community master plan looks at community needs during a 20-year time period. This discussion Feb. 27 is about addressing funding and infrastructure that is failing today and becoming a public safety hazard.
Q: Isnít this about getting more money from the taxpayers?
A: When addressing public needs it is hard to not involve tax dollars. However, one of the driving reasons for this discussion is to identify multiple funding mechanisms and ultimately keeping the tax burden as minimal as possible.
Q: What options have been considered for various public facilities?
A: Each entity (i.e. Meeker School District, Rio Blanco County, Meeker Sanitation) is developing or has undergone feasibility studies to outline their individual plans. If you have questions about specific projects, you should contact that organization directly.