Loitering, POST top town agenda

RANGELY | Loitering Ordinance

Following the receipt of a letter from the Americans for Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) earlier this year, the Rangely Board of Trustees is considering removing all anti-loitering ordinances from the town municipal code. In a letter the ACLU claimed such policies are unconstitutional, violating the First Amendment. At Tuesday’s meeting the board held their first reading of the repeal of the ordinance.

Sponsored Police Officer Training

The board approved sponsorship of Rangely local Daniel Conner to the Colorado Mesa University (POST) Program for the 2019 spring semester. The contract requires that the town pay for Connor to attend the police training program while paying him an hourly wage. In return Connor will agree to work for the Rangely PD following completion of the program. If Connor choses to leave the department before five years he will be required to reimburse a portion of those costs, with the total amount dependent on how long he stayed with the department. The total estimated cost for program completion is around $22,000, however the amount may be lower if some student loan funds are obtained through the GI Bill as Connor is a member of the U.S. National Guard.

The RPD has been short-staffed for several months following the resignations of two officers.

Manager Update

Interim Town Manager Lisa Piering told the board that the town planner attended a USGS monitoring meeting. The town pays around $4,000 to the USGS for annual river monitoring.

Recycling Program

Earlier this year a concerned citizen approached the board about their desire to see a town recycling program. Following some research Piering told the board that in Meeker the town subsidizes a local business with $35,000 annually to provide a recycling service. She said she would recommend the town be, “very careful” before starting a new subsidy program. Rangely doesn’t currently have any facilities to support a program. “It’s not an easy industry to break even in,” she said. Councilman Andy Key said, “It might be better to let the private sector take care of it.”

Other Business

The board agreed to purchase a new street sweeper for $241,566 and lease two photocopiers for $14,260 for the RPD and Administration Offices. The board will have another discussion about the purchase of the street sweeper and potentially paying cash instead of financing the machine. Councilman Andy Key was concerned about spending more than $30,000 in interest.

They decided to write off $43,982 of uncollectible utility billing accounts from 2011-2017. The accounts will be sent to Collection Systems, Inc., for third party receivables. The collections company will take 30 percent of the total amount collected.

Additionally, the liquor license for Nichols Store was renewed without concern.

Gray and Black Marijuana Market Grant Funding

The board chose to “opt in” on participation in a grant program funded through the Department of Local Affairs to be used for investigation and prosecution of marijuana-related crimes. The town can seek up to $6,000 in no-match funding.


By Jen Hill | jen@ht1885.com