Loose Ends: Caring and sharing

dollyviscardiRecently, the Denver television Channel 9 program “9 Who Care” program focused on Meeker’s own Dave and Enid Steffen. This Christmas Eve will be the last for The Bakery, as the Steffens are retiring and closing the business. It will not be the last time that they help others in their community, I’m sure.
No matter what they choose to do in retirement, I’ll bet they will continue in one way or the other to give their time and energy to people in need. Once the caring and sharing habit sets in, it becomes difficult to discontinue. That is why when they received this award, I thought of others — the unsung heroes throughout the valley.
People are giving away more than their time or money to make sure that some individual or group gains the assistance they need. They truly care about those who they help and most regular volunteers here stick with their duties year-round. While the Christmas season brings out the best in everyone, there are so many in our community who give their best every day of the year.
Even with the economic recession, volunteers can be found throughout the schools, churches and organizations in the community. Our community moves forward due to all of the people who find the time and the energy to devote to others.
If you have a family member in the Walbridge Wing, then you soon become aware of the network of community “contributors.” They range from the regulars who read or play games with the residents to individuals who come up and provide help with individuals’ special needs, such as offering pedicures or manicures, letter writing or hairstyling. The White River Valley has any number of people whose efforts to improve the lives of others often goes unnoticed, whether it is giving time to serve on the various boards that provide human services, respond to emergencies throughout the community as a volunteer emergency medical technician or fireman.
Most people are humble about this service, as they often feel they gain as much from volunteering as those whom they serve. It doesn’t take extra money in one’s budget to fit in service to others, it only takes time. Merry Christmas to all those who care and share in our community.