Loose Ends: Shop at home first

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MEEKER | Supporting small businesses has always been a part of community life. That is, it was the underpinning of a healthy local economy, until the economic upheaval caused by COVID-19 threatened to make shopping for the necessities of life more difficult. The bloating of the corporate conglomerates such as Amazon and Wal-Mart was inevitable.

The easy availability and the convenience of ordering online are making it difficult for local businesses to compete. Even as the stay-at home orders were tweaked, the whole shop-at-home idea didn’t seem so important anymore. Some of our residents seem to have forgotten that it may not be so easy for local businesses to continue forging forward.

The disruption of supply chains all over the country might be the most difficult obstacle. As the marketplace opens up, stocking store shelves with a wide variety of choices will continue to be a challenge. To boost business we need to shop at home first whenever it is possible.

Individually, it might appear to make little difference in the entire scheme of things. But consider the effect it might have when more of us try to do our business within this community as often as we can. Everyday should become a shop-at-home first day.

No one can afford to wait for the one promotional small business weekend to be held again this spring. We must start now. Sometimes for promotional purposes, advertisements for local stores include the words We Are Here For You. Don’t be surprised if they add one small word to that statement. We are STILL here for you. That is what our community is known for really. We stand by each other in tough times.

Dolly Viscardi

By DOLLY VISCARDI – Special to the Herald Times